/The Underground

Our crazy thing that, Big Hoss probably is dead and can not stop thinking what these data mean, shit codficados are …. I have no time for thoughts have to get an exit, chose the Metrô da Sé, gigantic line of wagons subterranea located in the city center, many people go there, if they are following me’ll lose them.Wagons and pass a one minute lead people, bring people, platforms always remain full, no conversation, Nobody smiles, a total silence, everyone is always in a hurry, do not want to be late, do not want to prejudice salary so are always in a hurry.

So what else roam arrived at boarding platform, I was nearing the wall and filled at the beginning of the tunnel, walked the trails quickly and found a safe place, a sort of corridor with handrails, used to connect the plant structure see before my bionic eyes , a small underground room, there will be a good place to sleep.In this dark room I think at the time that works for Digilab, despite being more quiet my thoughts were to the side that had not noticed, all the people the clinic to stay perfect, no matter what the procedure, no matter the pain, no matter cost, all are charged, are perfect …. be fast, be strong, be smart ….. Screw and fluid in place of articulation, is nothing but organic, all programmed, think, talk, shop, drink, Read, vote, do not forget, use, words, listen, say, have, more, spend and live ……. we are all controlled.

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