/It starts with a magnet

GloriaLanka and I’m going to tell my story…..

Despite having a solid concept, body hacking is a practice widely and can either be done by professional surgeons as friends in his garage. After much research I decided to show my amateur side and less glamorous art performing implants magnets on one of my fingers to not only be able to connect with paperclips, but to acquire a “sixth sense.” I got a different perception of reality, like the ability to feel vibrations and waves that are not detected by normal people.

Soon my desire to do more implants only increased. After several implants magnet fingers, temperature gauge and a device that acts like  a compass. I decided to contact my friend and professor of cybernetics that had a pseudonym “Dr. Frankenstein”, a pioneer in making implates of prosthetic arms, legs and microchip expanded memory.I could not talk to him.

The laboratories and cosmetic clinics are increasingly earning tons of money, body modification surgeries crence more men and women,  media spending on television commercials and on the Internet. The world is becoming increasingly bizarre, all human beings are looking for beauty, the incredible abilities … are mayors.I was working at a beauty clinic Digilab, receptionist was seen many changes made by the clinic, I did it 3 more surgeries being a bionic device that uses metallic circuit in a few nanometers thick; nanochip memory with storage capacity up to 8 terabytes forearms and increasing cyber force capacity and fast performance.

My path took a different route starting from the moment I met Robert, a former employee of Digilab, he had surgical procedures done my my, we were in the street and decided to take CiberBrasiliana vodka in a bar, his new job was the messenger data, it was the shipment of customer information paa another place discreetly, just got your contact in a few months and was already in the business of data transfer. I resigned from Digilab.Customers are dark and dangerous, including scientists, teachers, mercenaries, and companies pay well for the service, but do not imagine that my next client would change the course of my routine. Big Hoss enigmatic anarchist, famous conspirator of authoritarian government and controller Cyberbrasiliana.

Our meeting was in building was his propriendade, payment was made in advance, I uploaded 3 terabytes of data but when the upload was finishing, his henchmen have found the presence of tactical command Dominion, agents are modified to kill and annihilate any that contain data that would impair the government, the upload finished, and began an attack while watching Big Hoss and his henchmen be shot, ran I caught a connection, I tried to plan the building structure ran to the location of the main pipe, broke the wall , slid to the ground in the parking lot of the building, was shot in the shoulder, ran through the sewer, flee from that moment, I fled that city, was aimlessly.